NOC completes maintenance work on Baher-Essalam / Sabratha offshore gasfield

By Sami Zaptia.


London, 14 May 2018:

The second phase of the processing and linkage work of the Bahr-Essalam Project was successfully completed through the linking of new marine gas production wells to the platform, Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced today.

It will be recalled that the NOC had announced in March that the Sabratha platform in the Bahr Essalam gas field would be under maintenance for two weeks from the start of April.

Bahr Essalam is located about 110 km from the coast of Tripoli. It produces 995 cubic feet of gas and 36,000 barrels of condensate per day. It is operated by Mellitah Oil and Gas, a joint venture between the NOC and Italy’s Eni.

The aim of the project was to maintain the rates of offshore gas production to ensure that the local market supply was stable, with natural gas requirements for the regular operation of power plants and industrial units, the NOC revealed.

Concurrent maintenance work has also been successfully carried out to connect the new wells to both its marine platform, its industrial complex and the Wafa field.

However, the NOC said that the maintenance work programmed at its naval platform was delayed due to unstable weather in the area.

Production resumed from the platform after completion of the linkage and maintenance work on 11 May with a daily production rate of 380 million cubic feet of gas and work is under way to gradually increase production to reach normal rates, the NOC said.


Sam Morgen


Tripoli Libya 


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